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Getting Into the Christmas Spirits
by The Next Door Neighbors

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Comments from YouTube:


Yeahhh sure Pam your husband left because of some funky xmas display.... okay

Pikachu fan And tripolar fan

@Jan Juan if your marriage failed due to a third party, than you didn't have a strong marriage. Apparently Pam was just unhappy and she seems to have the victim card down pat.

Pikachu fan And tripolar fan

@KennedeLou that's exactly why they divorced. Cause of her neighbor. I'm sure that marriage had way worse problems before that

It's Alice

maybe the divorce was caused by bill seeing another mans car in the driveway and he put a sign up saying pam's a cheater

Connie Barnes

@KennedeLou You're right. She said her husband left because they argued everyday over this intrusive neighbor.


@Jan Juan 'Perfect Pam' started the whole thing with a campaign to get his display removed and took him to court over it. The whole mess cost him over 200,000. She provoked the bear and got mauled. If I was in the ex-husbands position, I would've left too. So you might want to actually stop jumping to conclusions and stop defending that lying bitch.

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Ella Becerra

Pam it did not cause your divorce. Stop blaming people

Dave White

@Pikachu fan And tripolar fan Your ex wife must have been my sister.

Pikachu fan And tripolar fan

@Kathy Latimer and she did start it. She went over there when it was just Christmas lights just to complain. That's it. Just be a shrew. Pam should of closed Pam's curtains

Pikachu fan And tripolar fan

My ex-wife is like Pam. She blames everyone else besides herself. Pam is narcissistic.

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