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Stand Up
by The Next Step Cast

We are gonna show the world
Everything were made of...
We're gonna tear the roof of this place...
You can never fade aside
Don't even ask the DJ...
Everybody knows we own this land
Yea yea yea
Something to say you want party
Say you wanna hit the floor, why lets get out started.
C'mon everybody lets go!
So we got the feeling.
Join us too the ceiling.
So we got the feeling, join us to the ceiling.
Uh walk up with a spot.
Let me own it.
Me and my team keep me rolling.
Take a photo right now let me with a moment.
You can hold it shh hold it.
Uh now.
Rock to the rythm with a bass and a drum get lost in the rhythm yea.
Action this is my scene.
We all got dreams and I'm chasing the one.
You just need a little time to reason with your feelings
So you leave them behind.
You will see what's on my side
And wash away the feelings
You could aways jump in this side
Tell Chess and Vanessa to hit me at the gym, they both showed up now
I'll show them what I am a man
oh wow the music is loud, the party is packed, the move of
this crown sucks There's no room but I'm dancing now.
My whole crew is gettingcapital pound
Dude there's gonna ne new cats in town.
I got a couple moves I can hand you down.
It goes, one step, two step, next step.
You step let's go
First me then what.
Two step let's go yea you whach wanna do next?
Look keep your body moving with a attitudeand you know without having it you show people you're out.
So chump, all night till you're crack with gum I'll be back so let's have some fun.
We're gonna show the world
Everything were made of...
We're gonna tear the roof of this place.
We're gonna show the world, everything we're made of
We're gonna tear the roof of this place...

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