Spirit Body And Soul
The Nolans Lyrics

Your love is very occasional
But your love's unforgetable
Darling, so unusual
Yes your love, it's sensational
0oh I'm in so deep that I can't get out
And there's nothin' I can do
0h heart and soul, everything I know
I've givin it all, I can't let you go 'cause

*Spirit, body and soul
I'm in love with you
And you don't know what you put me through
0h, spirit, body and soul
If I can't have you, oh no
Then my heart don't know just what it's gonna do
Oh our love's so unintentional
But now love's unmistakable
And darling, oh so beautiful
Yes your love, it's sensational
0oh your love's so good that I can't hold back
From the way I feel inside
No I don't want much, just a guarantee
You're givin' your heart and that what I need
*Repeat and fade

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Comments from YouTube:

Peter Price

Fell in love many moons ago with this group of ladies and their music. Still in love today. R. I. P. Bernadette.


One of the most beautiful songs in the history of pop music. RIP, Bernie


Bernie Nolan. RIP what a voice.....🙏😘

Jay C

Top vocals by Linda and Bernie xx

Dan Frost

Beautiful Song & very well performed.

simon shuttleworth

Best song ever from a girl band ever love the Nolan's

james cameron

I love this song even now.

Mona Mcmanus

i lv the Nolans sister's x

Nicola Mckie

This song is to the man of my life ,Danny Alison ,

james malon

I have loved this group 4 ever

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