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Sun a-shining, there's plenty of life. . .
a new day is dawning sunny and bright.
But after I've been crying all night the sun is cold
and the new day seems old.
Since I lost my baby, since I lost my baby.

Birds are singing and the children are playing,
there's plenty of work and the bosses are paying.
Not a sad word should my young heart be saying,
but fun is a bore and with money I'm poor.
Since I lost my baby, since I lost my baby.

Next time I'll be kinder, won't you please help me find her?
Someone just remind her 'bout this love she left behind her.
'Til I find her I'll be tryin' now, ev'ry day I'm more inclined to find her,
inclined to find her, inclined to find my baby.
Been a-looking ev'rywhere, baby, I really, really care.

Oh, determination is fading fast. . . Inspiration is a thing of the past. . .
Can't see my hope's gonna last. . .
good things are bad and what's happy is sad.
Since I lost my baby, since I lost my baby.

I feel so bad, oo, I'll feel so sad, everything is a-wrong,
I feel so bad, oo, I'll feel so sad, everything is a-wrong,

Overall Meaning

The Outsiders' song "Since I Lost My Baby" is a soulful ballad that reflects on the pain, loneliness, and despair that comes with losing a loved one. The opening lines of the song talk about the brightness and warmth of the sun after a long night, but the singer still feels cold and empty. This is because he has been crying all night, unable to come to terms with the loss of his partner. The use of the sun as a symbol of hope and new beginnings underscores the contrast between the external world and the internal state of mind of the singer.

The chorus of the song, "Since I lost my baby," is a powerful and poignant refrain that captures the sense of loss and regret that the singer feels. Despite the fact that the world around him remains the same, with birds singing and children playing, the singer is unable to enjoy it. He feels a sense of displacement, as if he no longer belongs in a world without his partner. He finds that "fun is a bore and with money I'm poor," highlighting his emotional and financial impoverishment after the breakup.

The last verse of the song contains a message of hope and resilience, as the singer declares his determination to find his lost love. He pleads with someone to help him find her, reminding her of the love they shared. He affirms his commitment to searching for her every day, suggesting that he will not give up until he finds her. This ending imbues the song with a sense of perseverance and resilience, suggesting that even in the face of deep loss, there is always the possibility of new beginnings.

Line by Line Meaning

Sun a-shining, there's plenty of life...
Despite the sun shining and the world full of life on this new day, it doesn't matter to me after crying all night. The sun feels cold and the day already seems old because I lost my baby.

Birds are singing and the children are playing...
Ordinarily, I should be happy to hear the birds singing and children playing, there's a lot of work available, and bosses paying but fun is boring and with no money, I'm poor. This is because I lost my baby.

Next time I'll be kinder, won't you please help me find her?...
I promise to be nicer to my baby next time and request help in finding her. Please remind her about the love that she left behind and I'll try every day to find her because I want to find my baby.

Oh, determination is fading fast.. Inspiration is a thing of the past..Can't see my hope's gonna last..good things are bad and what's happy is sad. Since I lost my baby, since I lost my baby.
My determination is waning, and inspiration is a distant memory. I can't even see my hope persevering. Everything good is bad, and what's supposed to bring joy, isn't. Since I lost my baby, I feel bad, everything seems wrong, and I’ll continue feeling sad until I find my baby.

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When I was 13 my English teacher, Mr Lance, gave us all a book and said that after we read it we would never forget it. He was right to this day.

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I am 8th grade rn and our ELA teacher also gave us all a book and we reading this book rn 😅

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Was lance’s last name Patton?



richie rich

Oh my god same here too but it was grade 8 for us


When I was 13 my English teacher Mr Lance gave us all a book and said that after we read it we would never forget it. He was right to this day.

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Shout out to all the English teachers who "forced" us kids to read this book.

We didn't want to at first but ended up feeling sad that it ended.

One of my fondest memories of middle school.

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Shouting out loud!

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