Change On Me
The Party Lyrics

It's been so long since I've felt your arms around me. Baby, I've been
missing you.
And when our lips touch, all the magic's gone,
Cause you don't kiss the way you used to.
Please, tell me what's on your mind. I promise I will be gentle and kind
To what you need to say to me about how you've changed and seem to be.
Why did you have to change on me? I loved you just the way you were.
I wish that things could be the way they used to be
When I loved you and you loved me.
You pretend to show me that you'll always be there without fear or shame.
Now it seems I'm always running into empty arms. Honey, tell me who's to
My heart belongs to you. Give me your love and I promise to be true.
Don't turn away from these eyes of mine.
It's happened in the past but, baby, it won't work this time.
We were always meant to be.
Why would you ever want to change what could be
Something true for you and for me.
So open my heart 'cause only you hold the


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Comments from YouTube:

lei jen

Still jamming to this song. Perfect song to belt out in shower


중학교 2학년때 아이와카세트로 테입 늘어지게 들었던 더 파티 벌써 마흔이 넘었구나 세월 참 빠르다


부자시군요 전 골드스타로듣던 ㅎ ㅎ

Patricia H



검색해도 파티영상만 나와서 참 아쉬웠는데 드디어 ㅜ


One of the Party's best songs right here. It should have been the lead single instead of Free.

Lutfi Makarim

The album was pretty weak but I remember rewinding the cassette(!) for this song for hours on end.

J Marie

Wow! Weak?

Barb Fordham

I loved "It's out of my heart" and "Needin Someone"


I think this was one of their best songs ever. My two favorite songs from the "Free" album are "Change on Me" and "Frontin.'"

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