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Attic Plan
by The Pastels

It's midnight 'round about here
There's a curfew, we'll kiss and disappear
Into a floating system
Where there's nobody

Listening just the air
When there's too much fuss
It comes right down to us
And I do declare, we got the flair

Tonight, it seems to be our fate
To take a starlight ride through the cityscape
Do you like it when it's late?

Sometimes lives just come together
And in that moment
Everything else is peripheral

And we won't have to
Listen to those tiny punks bitching
Resting, resign
We've seen the sign

It's midnight and I miss you
No, it's midnight and I'll kiss you
From an emptying bar to the serenity of the stars
I know where we are

Past the tennis courts
And the tree lined roads
Where the street lit leaves
Sway in the breeze

Sway with me on a night like this
Let's kiss and disappear

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Comments from YouTube:

Jeffrey R.

humble jewel of a tune

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