Its A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
The Persuaders Lyrics

It's a thin line, it's 5 o'clock in the morning
And I'm just getting in, I knock on the door
A voice sweet and low says, who is it?
She opens up the door and lets me in
Never do she once say, sir, where have you been?
No, she says, are you hungry?
Are you hungry, honey? Did you eat yet?
Let me hang up your coat, your coat, your coat
And the woman tells me, pass me your hat too
All the time she smiles, never once raises her voice
It's 5 o'clock in the morning

1-It's a thin line between love and hate..

2-The sweetest woman in the world
Can be the meanest woman in the world
If you make her that way, you keep on hurting her
She keeps being quiet
She might be holding something inside
That really really hurt you one day

Here I am laying in the hospital
Bandaged from feet to head
Ya see I'm in the state of shock
Just that much from being dead
I didn't think my woman could do something like this to me
I didn't think she had the nerve, so here I am
I guess action speaks louder than words
(repeat 1, 2, 1)

It's a thin line, between love and hate
It's a thin line...

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Comments from YouTube:

Kurt Adams

This Classic never gets old



Benjamin Limon

My drinking ruined my life, my marriage, and everything or everyone I ever loved. If you are reading this please hug ur family and hold them tight.

Brian Keane

Just did ,

Maia Harrison-Perez

how about don’t drink

Trevor Mac

What an honest comment Benjamin I wish you all the best for the rest of your life may God bless you

Manuel Reyes

@Max Luevano who died?

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pingus 19

This song can not be more right then ever in my life. I've been a toxic little shite to my girl, I never appreciated her enough, always with my warped mind. And now she's moved on and my heart is broken. I deserve this, but at the same time I can't help being angry with myself. I just hope she finds someone who can appreciate her like the queen she is

5ivehunna Mafia Kennels

Same here fam god bless you bro u love n you learn fam

pingus 19

@Zechariah Cifuentes yeah everyone heals differently, you're right.

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