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Grin AtThe Floor
The Polar Bear Project Lyrics

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John Larson

I just love how about 5 different times, either the narrator, or the screen text, tells us something like, "Watch what happens next!"

OK...seriously...the polar bears. This guy had us thinking not once...but twice...that we were about to see something insane with regard to a possible escape from their zoo enclosure. Nope. It was just a polar bear looking like he certainly wanted out...and then proceeded to jump a few inches off the ground parallel to a perfectly straight wall...with nothing even remotely possible to grip with his paws...nor anything remotely possible to land on once he jumped those few inches to at least hold his minor progress. was just a lame ol' polar bear who did about 4 wall shimmies.

Now...on the gorilla...we were told to "Watch what happens next" over the course of about a minute and a half. We were told to totally prepare for the GORILLA TO FREAK OUT! Again, led to believe that this gorilla was gonna do something epic. While sitting against one of the windows...said gorilla, as he prepares to finally move away from the gawker's window, he does this sort of semi punch to the window, but he does so as he's moving away from the window, like in the entirely opposite direction, so whatever momentum he had built up for the punch was basically gone...and, basically sounded like he nicked it with his knuckle area. Of course, if you're going by what the owner of the actual video snippet had to say, you would've thought that he just had THE MOST EPIC AND SAVAGE MOMENT that any zoo could provide, which was totally proven as such by his end of video proclamation of, "OMG, I GOT THAT ON VIDEO!"

This whole thing was so completely overblown...and misleading. The only thing that gives you any solace, Mr. Uploader Who Yanked Our Chains by Misleading Every Viewer, was the segment with the monkeys learning how to navigate out of their enclosure by using a set of installed wires. The funny thing is, you didn't even play that moment up, at all, and like I said, it was the only portion that at least had some substance.

Anyway, folks...please don't waste your time. These snippets of video do not even have enough cache to offer their way onto 'America's Funniest Videos,' and I'm talking old school 'America's Funniest Videos' in the days before they tried to go all cool and acronym the show down to 'AFV' back in the days when it was originally called 'America's Funniest Home Videos'...back when it was hosted by and had all voices impersonations done by Bob Saget...and where you actually had to send in your video to be considered for airing on an actual VHS VCR tape...and like where you had to send in a $5 check to 'America's Funniest Home Videos' if you actually insisted that your VHS VCR tape be returned to you after consideration for the show was made...yeah, that's what I mean...the videos included here on this upload would not even be selected for that show.

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Replace the glasses with one sided view. It'll be relaxing for animals I think

Hope Williams

Poor animals, it's one thing to watch, admire and respect them but not to antagonize them.


Ikr 🤦‍♂️

morag mckay

@Amelia delCastillo Please see my comment to Alistair. They are mostly unrecognisable compared to the places you knew as a child and are involved in vital breeding of critically-endangered animals, funding worldwide conservation programmes and education, homing rescued animals, sharing their expertise with other animal facilities and even carrying out vital research which benefits wild populations.

morag mckay

@Alistair Van You have a very outdated view of many zoos. In countries with accreditation for zoos the animals will never be forced to be watched; they choose whether to come into view. They also have enrichment activities provided, such as toys, their food being hidden around their enclosure or being made a challenge to access, as well as patient, rewards-based training sessions aimed at making it easy to inspect them for veterinary or other care, move them if necessary and so on. While some older zoos are limited for space to expand enclosures, most are making every effort at least to combine enclosures into larger spaces, offering the displaced animals to expanding facilities. Others effectively increase available space by thinking 3-dimensionally, with different levels, climbing frames etc.
There is a lot still to be done in some parts of the world, but supporting good zoos and wildlife parks allows them to re-home animals rescued from unsuitable facilities and to be used as examples in teaching Governments and zoo staff in other parts of the world how to improve their own care. They also support conservation efforts, charities educating other facilities on improving animal care and research which will benefit animals in the wild, such as Chester's research into the lethal EEHV illness, also known as elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus. So far this has had promising results in developing early-intervention treatments and their ultimate goal is to produce a vaccine.

Amelia delCastillo

Rudy- There is a big difference between a rescue sanctuary and a Zoo .. I enjoyed the zoo as much as as anyone else as a child but even tho it may have gotten a bit better.. it’s very cruel


@vikingnorthgamer The same could be said about jail.

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Kayla Williams

Respect animals! View them but don't try to get a reaction. Let them live their lives! Some zoos are too small some go above and beyond but more often than not, the problem is the guests

Reptile girl :]

I can’t imagine sitting in an enclosure watching all this food all day long staring at you and taking pictures of you😂

Yall clowns my pfp describes my face to ya respons

On me bruh… this makes me see certain animals at zoos in a different light

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