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The Polar Bear Project Lyrics

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Sargasso Trio My body floating in the water I'm breathing oxygen that's c…

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Sarah Rose

Hey everyone! I made another survey for you to fill out if you have time (similar to last year if you remember)! It's mainly to gather any feedback you have for my channel and also just get to know you guys better. If you have a moment to fill it out I'd really appreciate it! <3

Claudia Prandelli

Done 😘😘 great video as always!!

Jen K

I had that same realization about drugstore overbuying. The 6 Elf/Nyx lippies = 1 higher priced product & less packaging/waste. I stopped buying drugstore because it is too easy. I pause and think before dropping 50 on a single lipstick but under 20... yeah, let's grab them all!


i would definitely watch a “what came in this month/quarter”-type video similar to Lauren Mae’s. also some YT’ers i watch add that kind of thing to their empties videos, like what went out vs. what came in. that’s especially fun to watch from people with smaller collections who actually have to replace items as they use them up instead of having heaps of backups to fall back on :)

the mockingbird and the nightingale

to follow up on that, another idea is putting more focus on what you (and by "you" I honestly mean everyone on youtube hahaha) actually spent on stuff rather than what the retail value is. Pretty much everyone I watch talks about the retail value of what they used up, or what they bought, and then say "but I didn't actually pay full price for most of this and some of it is free samples" --- but that's not really helpful. We're all getting free samples and finding things on sale. It would be so much more helpful to get an idea of what is actually being spent! (Unless you consider that private which is TOTALLY fair!) I keep very close track of what I actually spend on everything, retail value is utterly meaningless to me. I bet a lot of others would agree!

Sarah Rose

ooh that's a good idea too!

Angelina Corinne

Definitely would love to see monthly check-ins on how this is for you!


I think quarterly updates on what you bought yourself and what you got in pr is a good idea.
Sometimes with pr, yt’ers will take products that they wouldn’t have bought bc maybe the pricepoint is too high or something, and you already know it’s not going to be worth it, but for the yt’er it’s still enticing to get bc it’s interesting or what not, but it doesn’t add anything for the viewer in my opinion. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself very well but what I’m trying to get at is for example the new bite mascara. Nobody would actually buy that (with that pricetag) but yt’ers still try it on their channels. I feel the same about ofra, none of the channels I watch have bought ofra products, they’re all pr.

I can relate to the phenomenon of buying more when its inexpensive. 90% of my collection is drugstore and I think the reason my collection has gotten to the massive size it is, is because it was so accessible and inexpensive to go to Walmart when I needed a dopamine rush and throw things into my cart without much thought, when I really didnt need ANY of it (already had plenty at home), probably why I've always steered clear of expensive makeup because I wouldn't have been able to have a larger makeup collection, but I have put a stop to it thankfully.


I really like a lot of what you’re talking about
That dopamine hit is addictive
I’m trying to do a low buy as well : only buy replacements

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