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Tea In The Sahara
by The Police

My sisters and I
Have one wish before we die
And it may sound strange
As if our minds are deranged
Please don't ask us why
Beneath the sheltering sky
We have this strange obsession
You have the means in your possession

Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you

The young man agreed
He would satisfy their need
So they danced for his pleasure
With a joy you could not measure
They would wait for him here
The same place every year
Beneath the sheltering sky
Across the desert he would fly

Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you

The sky turned to black
Would he ever come back?
They would climb a high dune
They would pray to the moon
But he'd never return
So the sisters would burn
As their eyes searched the land
With their cups full of sand

Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you

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Ambient Walking

Who is listening to this in April 2020? I absolutely am in love with this song. I can't get it out of my head and I don't want it to ever leave my memories. : )

Stéphanie Couderc

@Honore deBalzac Well unfortunately I'm over 40! But I'm a huge fan AND I'm also very curious, so I always try to understand references in songs or movies. Thanks to Sting I read Lolita, the Sheltering Sky (that reference was very easy to get, since I'm Fench (like Balzac) and the french title of Bowes' book is Un Thé Au Sahara. as to Jung, well Synchronicity. And Shakespeare is almost everywhere in Sting's lyrics. Anyway I had to read Shakespeare as a student (mandatory), but no problem I loved it

Honore deBalzac

@Stéphanie Couderc I like your writing style.

Honore deBalzac

As a former English Teacher, 'Tea in the Sahara" suggests we read "The Sheltering Sky" by Bowles. Just as "Don't Stand So Close to Me" suggests we read Nabokov's "Lolita".
If you are under 40 and don't know the syllabus of Police 101...Know that curriculum of subsequent Chapters includes Freud and Jung.

Stéphanie Couderc

@Honore deBalzac I love the fact that I got Sting's message. Oh yes, he speaks straight to my heart !

Stéphanie Couderc

@Honore deBalzac It's (roughly) the story of a married couple traveling the desert. They're tormented and complicated people, and their relationship won't survive the journey. I don't remember everything, I read it when the song was released (Sting's references made me read a lot of good stuff, like Nabokov, Jung and Shakespeare, of course). But now I feel like reading it again. I know there was also a film but I haven't seen it.

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Sylvia Iniguez

Andy Summers is like a painter with his guitar. In this particular masterpiece, he picks out the most delicate hues to bring out the most beautiful effect. All his notes become like a hazy, shimmery mirage in a hot desert. Once you experience lingers in the heart making you wonder if it was real or not....

No other guitar player has had that effect on me...he transmits a kind of magic through that guitar. A genuine master at his craft.

User Mister

In a different way but similarly to Steve Hackett with Genesis. I think I have seen somewhere Peter Gabriel saying he was "the coloring agent" .

Sylvia Iniguez

@Leon Straatman If you are moved by beautiful paintings, music, and carry a well-developed sensitive soul. I offer the following turn of phrase to you:
As a gentleman who generously offers a lady the most beautiful rose in the garden, I humbly accept your kind compliment.

In this internet world of texts and emojis...I truly miss the beauty and proper use of the English language !!! Thanks again for the compliment, Leon.

Leon Straatman

Sylvia your words are like a van Gogh painting: BEAUTIFULL 😍

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