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Another Kind of Love
The Pop Project Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Another Kind of Love' by these artists:

Hugh Cornwell (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Baby, baby wel…
Joe Bonamassa Poor little baby You've got your lover, she's a girl Poor li…
John Mayall Poor little baby You've got your lover, she's a girl Poor li…

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Comments from YouTube:

Margi Duffy

Loads of info. I am trying to put my book together now, I hope you have a final look at your book all together. Thank you for all your hard work...


Great Margi! One step at a time😁

Julie Harden

I love the idea of having themes , photos out of order, yeah!!! Working on getting my photos together still, and building my planner but lots of fun ahead . Thanks for sharing all of this terrific information. Xx

Gail Pell

I love your idea of having sections in their albums. My kids don't want a huge number of albums for their children. Now I can add multiple years on a layout. School, Christmas, sports etc. and the album will be very organized! Thank you.


Awesome! I can’t wait to do it too! It will be fun!😁

S. Favela

These albums are exactly what I would like to create for my children. Thank you for sharing and teaching. Where did you have your album cover and spine embossed at?

Gina S

I'll admit at first I wasn't understanding all the forms but after this video it's all starting to click. It seems to me though, that if I'm not careful I may still in up with too many album types and you've yet to cover Library of Memories. :-) But I'm hanging in there till the end. I'm happy that your videos have helped me put together a plan and a vision of what I want my photo collection to be in the end. I have a request: Can you add a blank Theme Scrapbooking form? Thank you! :-)


Hi Gina, it can be overwhelming! I get it. Do hang in there... because then you can see what will work for you!❤️and I will try to add a blank to the pop downloads😉

Autumn Brown

Awesome video today, Lauren! Episode 4 scared me but this is the way I think... big picture overviews for me! Loving the timeline. It is helping me decide what stories I haven't but want to tell. Thanks for all your hard work on the series!


Thank you Autumn! I appreciate the feedback! I get it. It is a fun way to scrapbook ❤️

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