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Lovely video. I learned a lot. Thank you. I was curious as to how his chrome developer tools looked so cool. Finally figured it out.

1) Dark theme for Chrome Developer Tools

Open DevTools and open the menu. Click on the menu button on top right corner.
Choose Settings.
Choose Dark from Theme dropdown. Choose Dark from the dropdown.

2) Show Chrome Developer Tools on the right:
In the Chrome Developer Tools, the bottom left icon allows you to change the dock settings of your Developer Tools. A quick click switches between docking at the bottom and the right. A held click allows you to select your docking option - including docking them in a new window.

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Lord Draagon

"All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ"

Edian Comachio

Best comment ever

Coding in Flow



the coding train



John Wig


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I love how last year, I was looking at this very tutorial and I didn't understand a-ny-thing. Now, I understand literally everything he's doing and that's because I started learning Node.js, Javascript, and working with all these libraries/packages.
Moral: If something looks impossible to you today, I guarantee you there will be someday you will be able to do it.

Mike_Vahe Moubayed

Where did u learn node js for backend development? I reallllly want to learn but I cannot find good tutorials.

Mac Black

@QuickRod dont hope c++ is any easier tho. If anything it is harder


@QuickRod you should try go or rust

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