Naked and Famous
The Presidents of the United States of America Lyrics

I can't explain glacial motion
Or why Los Angeles don't drop into the ocean
I can't unfold the layers of mystery
Or piece together the tragedy of history, cause
Those lucky suckers,
They don't have to work
Make 3D billboards and big
30-foot smurfs.

Everybody wants to be naked and famous,
Everybody wants to be just like me
I'm naked
And famous

I met a poet, said she didn't like the smell of it
Then took her clothes off in a restaurant for the hell of it
I met a DJ who lived in seclusion
Reality and sobriety were her only delusions, and
Those lucky bastards
They didn't have to work
Make 3D billboards and big
30-foot smurfs

Don't get a nosebleed,
Don't get upset
We can't be naked and famous
Just yet
There's a big old dollar sign
On the sunset strip
You can send your friend a postcard
It ain't worth the trip

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These guys were huge when this LP came out. And it was sooo good. Nearly every song. Why arent they ever mentioned when people talk about the great music from the 90s? Honestly theyre one of those gems you forget about and then one day just randomly think of, like me today

Hwah TV

@Gary Pinkerton imagine being this wrong

Steven Espinoza

@Gary Pinkerton I'm sorry sir, but I'd have to disagree with you. They had awhole bunch of good songs.

Gary Pinkerton

Because they were forgettable. I liked them but lets be honest they came and went quick. They had one decent album and really only a couple of decent songs.

LadyHitchhiker Jackmanson

Every song except maybe the first one. Poor kitty.

Beth Brzytwa

righteousrat it was around umm 2014 and my dad and me jammed in the car to this I still just sing it at random times

Aaron Drees

One of the most underrated bands I know of

Jayfrogg Alabama



the band rehab is the most underrated band i know of...

LadyHitchhiker Jackmanson

All of this.

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