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She Left Me for Jesus
The Proms Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'She Left Me for Jesus' by these artists:

Hayes Carll We've been datin' since high school We never once left…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Proms:

Take My Heart You close your tired eyes Some times you have to let…
Thake my heart You close your tired eyes Some times you have to let…
Walking in the Rain I want him, and I need him, And someday someway woo…

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel Wilson

I'm listening to this from Odessa, Ukraine, at a time when the country is being invaded by Russia. This reminds me of how strong we are, both Britain and Ukraine, and how we will stand steadfast in the face of any merciless bully. God save the Queen and may Ukraine be free soon!

don king

uk will not help ukraine directly so total waste

Nick Gee

The UK took a great deal.of time in the late 30's to realise out new sacrifice. Scarred and bruised still we realised our national place in the world. Alone may you feel right now but the wheels of remembrance are shaking rust of old wheels we thought never to use. We would never forget the sacrifice made by so many be in vein. Political slogs are a new must but help will be natural, world war a step and the leap will need all of europe united. Belief is one uncontestable element our previous generation had throughout. We will soon begin a campaign of justice before the Russian candle is done burning. I wish for Europe to stand together against one common enemy and ignite the Russian people.

Daniel Wilson

@The Shipwrecker! That's a really lovely tribute - thank you so much! My girlfriend has a beautiful voice and I will ask her to sing it while I accompany on the piano.

The Shipwrecker!

I took the liberty to translate the lyrics to Ukrainian for you to sing it to instrumental versions of our song:

Я присягаю тобі, моя країно, все земне вище. Цілий, цілісний і досконалий, служба моєї любові. Любов, яка не ставить жодних питань, любов, яка витримує випробування. Що лежить на вівтарі, найдорожчий і найкращий! Любов, яка ніколи не зникає, любов, яка платить ціну. Кохання, яке безстрашно приносить останню жертву! А є ще одна країна, про яку я чув давно Найдорожчий для тих, хто її любить, найвеличніший для тих, хто знає Ми можемо не рахувати її війська, ми можемо не бачити її короля. Її фортеця – вірне серце, її гордість – страждання. І душа за душею, і безшумно збільшуються її сяючі межі! І шляхи її – дороги лагідності, і всі стежки її – мирні!

Michael Brown

@james eustace cringe

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That gave me chills. As an Australian, I am proud to be of British ancestry.

james webb

@WingGoddess I worked with a chap who's grandfather was deported to Australia for several years for literally stealing a loaf. They weren't all murders or career criminals , only hard up.

Robert Anderson

And I'm an American with no British ancestry, but I am proud to have allies like Britain and Australia.


Good lad 🇬🇧

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