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Free Form Freakout: Pink Stainless Tail
The Red Krayola Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

pigsnott the Electric Ass Monkey

Simply awesome. Been a favorite of mine for over 30 years. Never gets old. I always come back to the Parable of Arable Land.


i was djing about 5 years ago, and someone asked me if i had any Red Krayola. I didn't and at the time i hadn't heard of them. I took me a couple of months to get around to it where i got a d/l of this album and popped it on in my car while driving just to 'check it out'. This song went on repeat about 30 times in a row. Everything about it is unexpected yet perfect. It sounds like it was mixed by wrestling on the desk and i still can't work out how much of it is entirely deliberate or just luck

oh yeah!!

Ντε μεκ...


They were called The Red Crayola on this album.

Dave Tetzlaff

Yup, the crayon company made them change the spelling.


It's clear why Roky hung out with these freaks.

Main Temple

i can eat that track

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