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Parable Of Arable Land
The Red Krayola Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


People voted this down? It was a miracle they stumbled upon this in the first place, and then they spit in the face of god for his gift to humanity...

Karezza Kenosis

Shut up.

J. Morrison

LOL, I 'stumbled' on this when it was released in 1967


@524 Good question


Well Mr God are you sad this week


@Antoine le king fun fact: lighten up

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J. Morrison

I was 17 hanging out in a cellar with 'walls' made of 2X4's draped with oriental carpets. A black light 'WHICH I STILL HAVE' and those 2"thick candles that used to be on tables in wine and cheese clubs = 'Hippie' clubs that use to have a small 8" high stage for local bands. Black lights with fluorescent posters were in every hangout (including my cellar) of Hendricks, Donovan(don't know why I liked him back then) many Peace posters, Jefferson Airplane and lots of others. Man what a trip. (yeah we did that to)

Paul Sway

A masterpiece. Thanks for sharing. Just a small clarification, the original LP was credited by The Red Crayola With The Familiar Ugly

Heath Buck

This is amazing

Alexey Aliev

A rare true psychodelic masterpiece.

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