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The Red Krayola Lyrics

Last night in your window sittin' I saw you
Adolf, I know the serious virgin does adore you
Won't you come back home tonight
Can't you see, everything's going to be alright

Oh Adolf, don't you say you've said goodbye
Don't say you've said goodbye now
Don't say you've said goodbye

Your suit of chrome it once
Shined so bright
She told me you were
Out of sight
The serious virgin she waits for you tonight

Oh don't say you've said goodbye now
Don't say you've said goodbye
Adolf, don't say you've said goodbye

Writer(s): Cunningham, The Red Krayola Thompson, Bartheleme

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Comments from YouTube:

Supersonic Mark

a beautiful tune


Awesome! Thank you!



Isaac Mount

does anyone know sam bell in year 9?


Galaxie 500 brings me here

Matt McNulty


Sergej Lovrekovic

me too! hello from the present! seven years ago i was really young ahaha!

Laurent Delouche

me too... where am I?...

Jim Rader

galaxie 500 cover better by far.

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