Last Romantic Day
The Rentals Lyrics

It's a bright day
It's the right view
Central Park right in front of you
There's a misstep
There's a missed phrase
She's the wrong gal
It's the wrong day

(The last romantic day)
It's the wrong day
(It's the last romantic day)

It's the first date in the daytime
Boy you show your age in the bright lights
She's got bad form and a short fuse
In the sunshine she's a cold muse

(The last romantic day)
Whatcha gonna do
(It's the last romantic day)

Welcome to the brand new day past the golden age
The Technicolor fantasy slowly fades to grey
Welcome to the brand new you on the last romantic day

So I bow in and I bow out
Take a white flag
Wave it all about
It's too much now
Too too too soon
Too too much
Too too much for you

(The last romantic day)
Too too much for you
(It's the last romantic day)
And it's going away
(The last romantic day)
And it's going away
(It's the last romantic day)
It's almost over

It's almost over
And it's going away
Yeah, well it's going away
It's almost over

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Comments from YouTube:


I like to look at it like this concerning Weezer vs The Rentals. I grew up listening to Weezer but I matured to The Rentals. Why these guys haven't gotten bigger is beyond me considering the "indie" scene pretty much sounds like The Rentals now

Pedro Plasencia

Great performance! I love how the sound grows and grows with the instruments in the beginning till the musicroom is filled

Michael Skinner

I LOVE this song. They are fantastic live. Welcome back Rentals!


Awesome song...from an awesome band!!


It's ok. He sings well on this track


Kick ass song...first time I've heard it


I can hold myself together before the next album arrives.

Art Vile

Hey I just made a review on the rentals, one of my favorite bands, please give it a listen: thank you!


& I really really miss Mz Radle!!

Matthew Ward

Holy fucking balls that was amazing....

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