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Feeling so tired, can't understand it
Just had a fortnight's sleep
I'm feeling so tired, I'm so distracted
Ain't touched a thing all week

I'm feeling drunk, juiced up and sloppy
Ain't touched a drink all night
I'm feeling hungry, can't see the reason
Just ate a horse meat pie
Yeah when you call my name
I salivate like a Pavlov dog
Yeah when you lay me out
My heart is beating louder than a big bass drum, alright

Yeah, you got to mix it child
You got to fix it must be love
It's a bitch, yeah
You got to mix it child
You got to fix it but love
It's a bitch, alright

Sometimes I'm sexy, move like a stud
Like kicking the stall all night
Sometimes I'm so shy, got to be worked on
Don't have no bark or bite, alright

Yeah when you call my name
I salivate like a Pavlov dog
Yeah when you lay me out
My heart is bumpin' louder than a big bass drum, alright

I said hey, yeah I feel alright now
Got to be a
Hey, I feel alright now
Hey hey hey
Hey hey yeah
Hey hey hey
Hey hey yeah
Hey hey hey
Hey hey yeah
Hey hey hey
Hey hey yeah
Hey hey hey

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Justin Vavala

I’m certainly not going to take any swipes at Peart’s talent, especially now that he’s gone. He was great. However, his style was suited to Rush and simply wouldn’t have worked with a band like the stones. The Stones are about Charlie’s swing. While Peart could certainly play circles around Watts if we are talking about chops, but Watt could groove in a way that Peart simply didn’t.

My favorite band growing up was Pink Floyd. Nick Mason was at one time (think Ummagumma live album) an energetic and propulsive drummer. Live versions of “Interstellar Overdrive”, “One of These Days”, “Astronomy Domine”, or “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” around 1969-1972 all display this in spades.

However, his drumming on Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here is largely restrained and his style on them complimented those songs perfectly, adding to their hazy, narcotic vibe.

Now, many people would rip on Nick for lazy drumming, but I argue it was tasteful and his later playing on the Animal/the Wall albums and tours was much more powerful and in the vein of typical rock drumming, so he could do it. But he served the song instead.

I think there’s something to be said for that.

Can you imagine Neil Peart playing the unrelenting beats to “Paint it Black” or “Satisfaction”? Imagine how bad “Sympathy for the Devil” would sound with Neil playing roto-toms on his 6329 piece kit.

Just the same as “YYZ” wouldn’t work with Charlie, it would be shit.

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Larry Courtney

My personal favorite Stones song, one of the most badass riffs of all time. It has everything that made the late 60s/ early 70s Stones as great a rock n roll band as there's ever been. Dirty, nasty,sex and dope fueled scandalous ass rock n roll.

Pablo Queipo Valencia

The asynchronous rhythm of the trombones, My God..! They are (along with Charlie's beat), the complete soul of the song. "Bitch" is timeless, it never gets old, it's a clear example of 4/4 rock executed at its best.... Great!

Jeff K

A masterpiece of a track 💯


Love it. Blast it in my corvette bass system. Rocks the ground.

Super Chicken

the horns make this song! it's fucking perfect

Canadian for Trump

There's likely no band more prolific than the Rolling Stones. They have such a huge catalogue of songs but if I had to choose one song as my favorite it would be Bitch. It has such amazing passion and energy. It would be the ultimate song to open or close a concert with.

Jusztin Németi

One of the best songs ever written. They killed it with this one.

Allen Holewa

I absolutely agree

Jeffery Agresta

The first time I heard this riff it just punched me right in the face. And the solo is fantastic. Great vocals. Horns. This song has it all.


This is the best Rolling Stones song of all time and I'll die on that hill.

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