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It's Leaving Time
The Rushing Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Rushing:

Baby Baby Come to me, my melancholy baby Cuddle up and don't feel…
Half In Love Yesterday you came my way, And when you smiled at me, In…
Kiss I like cake, And no mistake. But, baby, if you…

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Comments from YouTube:

Clash Ninja

Thanks for the mention Jo!

XQF king

My will take 1 year

Clash Ninja

@Lily Boop The current upgrades have to be set manually. Unfortunately, the current upgrades aren't provided in the API data for your village, so it's not possible to automate this. If this information is provided in the future, I'll be sure to implement it on the tracker.

Lily Boop

@Clash Ninja when you upgrade you’re building and stuff do you have to manually update the levels or is it automatic??

Clash Ninja

@Insurgent 1211 Software that directly interacts with the game is against ToS but my website in just an information tool. The site loads the information using the officlal API provided by Supercell and doesn't have access to your game account, so it's safe and within the guidelines Supercell outline.

Insurgent 1211

@Clash Ninja does ur website violate coc tos becuz i think using external software isnt allowed when it comes to upgrading from ur website

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Professor X

Ya know whats also feels like an eternity? BEING FREE TO PLAY...

Kickstand284 Gaming

Right Hand Man I fixed my rushed base

The Dark

@Kickstand284 Gaming same. I wasted them on upgrading on town hall. Its gonna take forever to get town hall lvl 10 defenses.

Žan Luka Tkalec

@Kickstand284 Gaming I got all 5 for free. I did rush at the beginning but I got smart aftrer a month and saved my gems from the achivements. I got the 5th when I reached masters league for the first time.

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