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bang jarot

My baby is a horse
She’s running out my course
Papa was the first to taste
Her meat was what she has

Learning time and doing
Now she’s humming na, na, na, na, yeah, uh yeah

Once I've tried to stop her
Said, "are you trying to get killed by standing on the street side?"

My baby is a horse
She’s running out of course
Smoking grass with guess
One that squeezing her chest

All comments from YouTube:

Ari Satria Saputra

The SIGIT Legend!!!!!! Era paling keren di album Visible Idea of Perfection. Miss these days so much..

qwerangi zinkhonk

Good band....nice song....interesting performance 👍👍

IwaL fals

Lokal kualitas dunia The Sigit 👍

Rama P.W

since first i heard this song , make me wanna rock n roll !!!!!
the best (y)

Cerry Raytama

Setelah 6 tahun berlalu,masih Suka sama lagu ini.

Ryan Maulana Rizky

Kangen sama rilisan ffwd Rec, i love this song ❤️

Dede Mukti

Inget jaman sekolah, suka denger lagu ini.. The S.I.G.I.T top👍

Yepwolf Slow

Yoi bro jalan kaki sambil dgr lagu ini bawaanya santai tp cool 💚

sayap putih

Kalian keren


intronya memang mirip Foxy Lady, tetapi tetap salah satu lagu terbaik di scene rock indie indonesia.

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