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Midnight Mosque Song
The S.I.G.I.T Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The S.I.G.I.T:

All the Time Ha! We're taking over the world One kiss at a time And …
Come Take It Every single time I turn around, my name is in…
Don Take a minute Take a look in the mirror by your…
Don't Care Anymore I didn't mean to treat you wrong Or maybe I did…
Let It Go Maybe I got a little something for you Maybe you got…
Live in N.Y What's happenin', man This T.I.P., you know I'd like to d…
Live in N.Y. What's happenin', man This T.I.P., you know I'd like to d…
Live in New York I don't take coffee, I take tea, my dear I like…
New Generation Jeonhaejugoshipeo seulpeun shigani da heuteojin hu-eya deulr…
No Hook I ain't with the favors I got guala to make I'm 'bout…
The Party Y'all niggas is a mess Thinking I'm gon stop, giving LA…
Up and Down Trying to get up to come down Got that playa shit…

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Comments from YouTube:


I am brazilian and just got to know this band. they really rock! 

Atlantsyah Sinamar

I'm Indonesian and I'm sad they aren't big as they are supposed to
And I just know them since like 2 years ago

Wendysetiawan Setiawan

falaserio,,, muito bem right?! best rock band indonesia

Effendy Guitar

lagu religi yg rock

diajeng larasati sekar arum

I think i'm fall in love.

sean k.mitchel

musisi yang tampil di acara musik pagi tidak lebih dari segerombolan sirkus 

the sigit

Kentöb Bastard

statment rekti ini bro?dan di acara apa dia bilang?


@Adam GAYhunter Ya memang Dahsyat cuma acara konyol2an. Ga ada esensi musiknya


@Adam GAYhunter emg iya??

Adam GAYhunter

the sigit benci dahsyat btw

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