Save Me
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My heart is hard as stone
On my own, alone, I carry it home

I used to waste the days
So distraught,
I thought:
I'm changing my ways

Now you're changing my ways

You save me
Save me from myself
There is no one else
I'd lean on
Save me
You save me from myself
There is no one else to set me free

The start of something new
Is what I find
When I'm just looking at you
You lift me off the ground
Keep holding my hand
I won't land
Won't even look down

Don't look down
Don't look down

You save me
Save me from myself
There is no one else
I'd lean on
Save me

You save me from myself
There is no one else to set me free

Overall Meaning

The S.I.G.I.T's song "Save Me" is a raw and emotional depiction of the struggles of addiction, depression, and betrayal. The opening lyrics "Lost up in my own mind lately, People that I love they betrayed me, Struggle with the drugs can you blame me, No you cant save me no you cant save me" illuminates the feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and a lack of trust from the people closest to the songwriter. The lyrics are a reflection of how addiction can consume a person, in this case, the singer, and lead them into a position where they believe that no one can help or save them. The singer is dealing with a deep-set sense of pain and disappointment following being betrayed by people they trusted and struggle with drugs.

The second verse of the song delves into the backstory of the singer, revealing that they were a child from a broken home, left alone to face the world. The intimate details of the verse paint a bleak picture of the trauma and frustration that come with growing up in such an environment. These lyrics are a look at how this type of brokenness can lead to drug addiction and a feeling of hopelessness that in turn creates more pain for the singer. The verse also reveals a moment where the singer's parent committed suicide, leaving them alone and feeling lost in the world. The pain and trauma of this moment seem to have continued to impact the singer's life, and now they find themselves in a cycle of addiction and pain, with no hope of escape. The lyrics of the chorus are a repetition of the opening verse, highlighting the singer's despair and feelings of not being able to be saved.

Line by Line Meaning

Lost up in my own mind lately
I am feeling lost and confused, trapped in my own thoughts and emotions recently.

People that I love they betrayed me
The people I care about have let me down and hurt me, causing me to feel angry and disappointed.

Struggle with the drugs can you blame me
I am dealing with addiction and substance abuse, and while I know it's harmful I feel like I can't help it or control it.

No you cant save me no you cant save me
I feel like nobody can rescue me from my problems or help me overcome my struggles.

This story starts before I was born
The issues and challenges I am facing are not solely my own, but are a result of a difficult family history that has been passed down.

The love was there but the love was torn
My family has experienced love and affection, but it has been damaged and broken over time due to various struggles and difficulties.

Relationships that never last
My family members have had trouble maintaining healthy and stable relationships with others.

Drug addicts with that troubled past
Members of my family have struggled with addiction and other issues related to trauma or difficult life experiences.

Another mouth to feed what else was there left to say
My presence in the family added another responsibility and challenge to an already difficult situation, where there were few resources or options available.

Depression building up act like any other day
My mental health has been impacted by my family history and current struggles, but I often try to hide or ignore the symptoms and appear normal on the surface.

Suicides the only option leave the kid inside
At times, I have felt that suicide is the only way to escape the pain and trauma I am experiencing, but I recognize the impact this would have on my inner child and loved ones.

Put the car in park and leave the engine running quiet
I have considered or attempted to end my life in this way, by leaving the car running in a closed space and allowing the fumes to overcome me.

Kiss the kid up on the cheek make sure you say goodbye
Before attempting suicide, I would say goodbye to my inner child and make some kind of goodbye gesture or ritual to honor their existence.

Take your time a lullaby to the child you'll say goodnight
I would try to comfort my inner child in some way before ending my life, acknowledging that the pain and trauma I had experienced was too much for them to handle as well.

But now hes grown the struggles his own
I have grown up and am now facing my own set of struggles and challenges as a result of my difficult family history and personal issues.

A child from a broken home what was i supposed to do
As a child from a family with many and deep-seated issues and traumas, I often felt hopeless and uncertain about what I could do to improve the situation.

Now i struggle just like you
I am still dealing with many of the same issues as those in my family who came before me, and the struggle continues.

No family in my corner duke
I feel alone and unsupported by my family, who have either moved on or are dealing with their own problems in ways that don't involve me.

Theres nothing left for me to do
I sometimes feel completely overwhelmed and powerless, and that there are no options or solutions to my problems.

Surving on the streets
As a result of my struggles, I may have ended up homeless or without the basic necessities of life, forced to find a way to survive in bleak circumstances.

Your worst fears came true
My family members' worst fears about the impact of our struggles on future generations have become a reality, and I am living proof of this devastating cycle.

Your childs on the block scrounging up some pocket change
I am forced to engage in desperate and potentially dangerous activities in order to obtain money or resources.

Fiending on the weekends locked up in a prison cage
As an addict or criminal, I may have ended up in jail or prison, greatly limiting my options and freedom.

Found out that im worth nothing still dreaming better days
Despite the many challenges and setbacks I have faced, I still hold on to a glimmer of hope that things will one day improve and that I will be valued and respected.

Speaking to a god hoping one day ill be saved
I may turn to religion or spirituality as a source of comfort and hope, believing that a higher power may one day rescue me from my struggles and pain.

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Written by: Dennis Jernigan

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