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Soul Sister
The S.I.G.I.T Lyrics

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Allen Toussaint Hey you, hey you, With the curly bush on your head,…
Blue Mountain She used to be my soul sister. Best friend I…
Cree Summer Had a friend once upon a time who had a…
Mary Black Looking back, Down that long road you have traveled, And I s…
Superbus Mon enfant, ma sœur Songe à la douceur d'aller là-bas vivre…
The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent Soul sister chilling in the street Around her midnight chas…
Trainሁ Heeey heeeey heeeeey Your lipstick stains on the front lobe…

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All the Time Ha! We're taking over the world One kiss at a time And then…
Come Take It Every single time I turn around, my name is in…
Conundrum The taxman coming round here once again Collects your hard e…
Don 오늘따라 이상하리만큼 잠이 오지 않아 괜히 뒤척여 익숙한 듯 어떻게 연락해 어이없게 아무렇지도…
Don't Care Anymore I ain’t a killa but I know killas aka them…
Let It Go Maybe I got a little something for you Maybe you got…
Let the Right One In I'll be here 'till the end Everyone leaves in the end And…
Live in N.Y What's happenin', man This T.I.P., you know I'd like to d…
Live in N.Y. What's happenin', man This T.I.P., you know I'd like to d…
Live in New York I don't take coffee, I take tea, my dear I like…
New Generation Jeonhaejugoshipeo seulpeun shigani da heuteojin hu-eya deulr…
No Hook I ain't with the favors I got guala to make I'm 'bout…
The Party Y'all niggas is a mess Thinking I'm gon stop, giving LA…
Up and Down No one ever loved me so I loved myself Fed up…

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Comments from YouTube:

Muhammad Burhanudin

Soul sister
Chilling in the street
Around her midnight chase
With her high heel shoe
And her pale bold make up face
Soul sister
Working late, making money, have some fun
She's like a walking time bomb blues
In this sin city
Dunno what to do
When she's sitting there alone with you
Dunno what is she
Is she he or is she she
Soul sister
Feeling lonely playing hard
With hero own gun
She could run from the pigs barrier
Yet still around
Soul sister
Fell in love in your white bmw
I know you like her too
But do you know she's so untrue
Dunno what to do
'cos she's really in love with you
Dunno what to do
Hide her big bollock from you?

Lucky Andreaz

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