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The Scientist Lyrics

You'd be the one to bust me out of the clink
You never hesitate to say what you think
And if I ever get to feeling real low
I look down and see your number ringing
On my telephone!

You're my best friend!
You pick me up when I am down!
You're my best friend!
You know I'm always happy
Whenever you come around

Remember that time way back in '03?
You were the only that stood up for me
I hope it never happens, if it does
I'll be around and throwing down for you
Forever because...

You're my best friend!
You pick me up when I am down!
You're my best friend!
You know I'm always happy
Whenever you come around

We're all looking for someone we can trust
And I'll be there without making a fuss!
I hope you never mind coming around because
I'll never let you down

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Written by: David Page

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Keith Flick

Roots Radics Band + session muscians ( give credit were due )

Bass – Errol "Flabba" Holt, Robbie Shakespear
Drums – "Sly" Dunbar, Style Scott
Lead Guitar – Rad "Dougie" Bryan, Sowell
Organ – Winston "Blue Beck" Wright
Percussion – Barnabas,Noel "Scully Jah Zoots" Simms
Piano – Gladston "Gladdy" Anderson
Rhythm Guitar – Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamount

Recorded At – Channel One Recording Studio
Mixed by "Scientist" @ – King Tubby's Studio
Arranged By – Al Campbell
Producer – Al Campbell
Adored & loved by The World

Anthr Mal

I feel like you should listen to the whole thing, but here it is anyway
Steppers 00:00
Rubber Foot 03:59
Elasticated 06:21
Rocking 09:01
Lovers 11:31
Front Line 14:16
Scientific 16:45
Jungle 19:19
Bali-Hi 21:29
Chemistry 23:53

Mitchel Irons

Fuse the two together
We got our finest creation
A creature with two hearts
They beat like a dub record
I can feel the basslines infestation
What a lovley work of art
Nothing we have ever heard

Dance with me

The sky opened up and the stars spat stardust down upon us the air filled with heavenly scents I could never describe everything turned to gold the warmth radiating from within was relaxing so I felt free and you

You look perfectly amazing

Te amo


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King Jeffrey

*The best dub in the world... " part probably comes from the fact that no one else had taken dub to that level. Have you listened to this LP on massive bass bins and horn twitters? It's an out of body experience.
Also remember Scientist was probably 17/18 when he raised the stakes on mixing dub. No one has been able to mimic his style, but when you hear a track he mixed, you just know it's Scientist.
To this day he understands both the electronics of modifying recording boards well and music in general.

Userhandle R0tten

I was in the computer lab working on an assignment and my color theory teacher stopped me to ask who I was listening to. I showed him this and I think he was genuinely pissed to learn of such an old album from a young buck. Dude didn't let it stop him though, he heard the bass and drums and knew he had to find the source. I was more than happy to share the best album in the world with him.

Alfie Collins

Fantastic album, but best in the world is going too far (best dub album, perhaps, as the title suggests).

Userhandle R0tten

@Andrew Nevarez well said

Andrew Nevarez

And then you noticed albert einstein seemed stumped on a problem, so you helped him solve it and everyone clapped while you turned around to type that comment

John C. Wrigley

The production is so futuristic and forward-sounding its insane. FRESH 50 years later...all-timer dub album

Deedee 60

The 70s had some of the greatest dub reggae EVER! Still sounds innovative and fresh today!!


this dude and lee scratch perry were like 20-30 years ahead of their time with their mixing and effects

Ur Dad

Yup.....this was the seeds of what grew into electronica.....these guys used the mixing board as an actually instrument....WAY b4 their time 4 sure

Skinhead SoulBhoy

He learned from the Dub master King Tubby

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