Out On The Streets
The Selecter Lyrics

Out on the streets again
Looking for something
It just don't matter now I don't wanna care
I want to have some fun
Make a connection
I feel like a roller coaster
I don't wanna stop
Let's go somewhere, I don't know where lets go
Somewhere exciting
White lies and amber lighting
Try to seduce me
I don't wanna go there again
Don't wanna go, don't wanna go
But it's the only place to go oh oh
There's gonna be trouble I know oh oh
Don't wanna know don't wanna know oh oh

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Comments from YouTube:

Justin Hope

Looking back did they even know how good they were? Amazing.



Gordon Cuthbertson

Perhaps, Saw them on the two tone tour with The Specials and Madness. I went along thinking The Selecter were good but not quite as good as the other 2. They soon changed my opinion.

Wendy Brooke

Pauline Black, one of the best female vocalists ever. her vocal range makes my eyes water! Celebrate the Bullet is in my top 10 albums.

Chris Brown

Yes. Great album

the comish

+Wendy Brooke -i totally agree-

Wendy Brooke

@Sol jah1970​ yeah? I'll bear that in mind, thank you!

Sol jah1970

If ever you go to one of her gigs, she's very approachable.

Wendy Brooke

@Sol jah1970​ I'm envious! I would love her to sign my CTB album.

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Memories and tears to my eyes. Whoever posted this is in the know..trust!!

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