Bad Lieutenant
The Sheepdogs Lyrics

I'm a bad, bad, man
Don't you understand
I'm a bad, bad, man
Best you turn and ran
Oh oh

All my life I've been kicked around
Nobody breaks me, they cant keep me down

I'm a bad, bad man
I'm a bad man

And I pour your misfortune
And hold it in your hand
Well it's a cold hard bargain
For you to understand
Woah oh

Up all night, I haven't slept for days
Do you wrong, in the worst of ways

I'm a bad bad man
I'm a bad man

I pay the price
Such a heavy tole
It's cold and dark
Way down in the hole

I'm a bad, bad man
I'm a bad man

Writer(s): ewan currie

Contributed by Aaliyah E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Brad Backman

great new music! throwback to 70's rock

Robin Garrison

Still listening in summer 2020 & it still sounds fabulous. Good post!

Randy Butternubs

Been looking all over for this song ever since I heard it late at night on Coast to Coast AM's bumper music.

François Tarrida

That Hammond is so tasty


so good


I'm a bad bad man!

Roman Robledo

is this based on the movie bad lutenet i didnt hear on nicalos cage version

Dan Metallica

Our home and native land


Slavic Power i dont think India has those lyrics in their national anthem.

Slavic Power

so you're Indian ?

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