Right On
The Sheepdogs Lyrics

I'm gonna get this old bag of bones
And make my own right on
Make my own right on
I said I'll make my own right, right on

I said I think this old bag of bones
He makes his own right on
Creates his own right on
I guess I'll make my own right, right, right, right on
Going no where
Going no where
Going no where

You Discover
There ain't no easy way out
When in doubt
You discover what it's all about

When you wait to get in
You begin
To discover what it's all about

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Comments from YouTube:

anonamouse awesomeness

sounds like....Mr.big by Free....

Michael Macson

anonamouse awesomeness it honestly does


Love it!! Canadian, and has that 70s classic rock feel and sound to it. I just found these Saskatchatoonian guys and they rock!! :D


Sweet track


0:37 I've heard that riff before in another song...now it's gonna bug me


Lovin' this song It's like hearing the Doors, Beatles, James Gang, Skynyrd, Allman Brothers all revived to jam for a generation who weren't lucky enough to be born then.. For all you old souls out there, whether you're 18 or 60, ride on!

Keegan H

just saw these guys in concert. such a great band!!

E Schur

I seriously love this band - But they rip off Free's Mr Big like hell here...Like...too much imo

marilyn manson is fat

It sounds more like Steppenwolf but it's still not identical.



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