The Sheepdogs Lyrics

Who, who, who do you belong to?

Well they're talking, talking, talking but who of them know
How to keep on killing? Everybody's how it goes.
I try to understand it yeah I try not to lose
But can you really win when you must pick and choose?

I see those faces mock me, on top of my screen
Talking heads are spinning out yeah can you tell me what it means?
I try to understand it, yeah I try not to lose,
But can you really win when you must pick and choose?

Contributed by Skyler O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I've just recently discovered these guys -- good stuff! And the nod to Bowie around 3:11 is a nice touch.

Mary Masterblaster

they are so perfect live <3 . EVERYONE should see them in concert!


I saw them playing yesterday..these guys are awesome ...reminded me of my fav band Lynyrd Skynrd ...Sounthern country rock...just great...


These guys are great!! They remind me of wearing Levis and baseball jersey tees, listening to mixed tapes, and passing around a doobie... but much fresher! Awesome groove, lots of soul, great harmonies. (Btw, is it just me or does the guitar riff at 3:23 sound like Bowie's Starman?)


These guys are sick. Finally, a new band I like. Doesn't happen very often

Annette Blackburn

These guys are Awesome. Hasn't been a band I've liked in so long. How refreshing !!!!!


saw them live in a small town just after their four easy pieces EP came out. promptly bought it. GREAT live band - like the Trews. Great show

Joe Guamm

Awesome band and awesome song!

Devon Bound

I saw these guys in concert in Victoria B.C. by accident, someone handed me tics, fell in love in about 1.3 seconds.

gregory frie

My band is called Weiner dogs

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