Sea Legs
The Shins Lyrics

Of all the churning random hearts
Under the sun
Eventually fading into night
These two are opening now
As we lie, I touch you
Under fuller light

Girl, if you're a seascape
I'm a listing boat, for the thing carries every hope
I invest in a single light
The choice is yours to be loved
Come away from an emptier boat

'Cause when the dead moon
Rises again
We've no time to start a protocol
To hem us in
And when the dog slides
Underneath a train
There's no cry, no use to searching for
The mutt's remain

Throw all consequence aside
In the cheerless pyre we were set alight

Of all the intersecting lines in the sand
I routed a labyrinth to your lap
I never used a map sliding off the land
On an incidental tide
And along the way you know, they try
They try

And we got sea legs
And we're off tonight
Can't have that to which they've no right?
You belong to a simpler time
I'm a victim to the impact of these words
And this rhyme

'Cause when that dead moon
Rises again
We've no time to start a protocol
To hem us in
Darling, when the dog slides
Open the door, and where'd she go?
There's no time, no use to searching for
The mutt's remains

Throw all consequence aside
In a cheerless pyre we were set alight


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On #Expectations:
(might not be totally relevant I don't care; it's brilliant!)
Mystic Wisdom:
How to love people who irritate you?

Sadhguru :
Don’t pretend to love them, just understand that they are irritating you. Why are they irritating you?
Simply because, they are not the way you expect them to be.
They are not the way you want them to be.

And in the same breath you also claim that you believe in God.
If you believe in God, then the person who irritates you also happens to be a creation of God, and he seems to be such a masterpiece that he can just irritate the hell out of you, isn’t it?

So, don’t deceive yourself. Just see irritation is happening because you have already decided what is right and what is wrong.

You have decided,
“This is the right way to be.”
If they’re some other way,
they will irritate you first,
then you will get angry,
then you will hate them,
then you will want to kill them.

This is a natural progression simply because you are expecting everybody in the world to be like you.
If everybody in the world were like you, could you be here?

In your own home, if there was one more person like you, could you live in that house?
Would it be possible?
It’s very good that everybody in the world is the way they are.

Any human being that you take here of this whole mass of people, they’re absolutely unique, isn’t it? Yes?
They’re absolutely unique.

"The person who is sitting next to you right now, if you look at them, you will see there is no other human being like this person anywhere in this planet."

There never was one, there never will be one. This is an absolutely unique human being.

If you recognize that there is only one like this, it is such precious material, how can it irritate you?

✴Just turn around and see, people sitting next to you are absolutely unique human beings.
✴There isn’t another one like that, and it is such a miracle for you that today you are sitting next to this human being who is absolutely unique.
✴Never before, never again on this planet.

Where is the question of irritation? You’re blind, that is why you are irritated.
✴You’re simply blind to life.
You have not opened your eyes and looked at life, that is why you can be irritated.
Otherwise how can anybody irritate you?

Eglu Megad

Jim from The Office (John Krasinski) interviewed the Shins once upon a time....

JOHN: “Sea Legs” definitely has a hip-hop feel, but it’s so Smiths-y. [Everyone nods in agreement]
DAVE: That’s the second time we’ve heard that.
JAMES: We thought about that while we were doing it.
JOHN: Oh good, I thought you were about to punch me in the nose. “We hate Morrissey!”
DAVE: No, no. It’s good that people are picking up on that. It’s like if Morrissey sang for the Beta Band.
JAMES: The beat started out as a smashed plastic bag. That’s actually the bass sounds, the kick…
MARTY: Whoosh!
JAMES: Just once, then we sampled it. And the other sounds are bottlecaps on the amp…
MARTY: And a guitar pick on the teeth!
JESSE: We sampled and cut them up to create the beat, and then I used an 808 sample to beef it up once the song kicks in.
JOHN: That’s so cool…

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Blaise Smith

I love how the snare responds to the kick. The bass line infact, is more complex than it sounds. Just try and air riff it.This song is a perfect display of each of its band members own personal style, which is unique unto themselves entirely. such a rare moment when four oddballs can groove in the same pocket, in a truly intelligent composition such as this..
As a songwriter, this man excels. A true poet, his syllables arent over stressed but his word rings like an intellect , with out having to sell the point. He lets his lyrics paint an abstract picture and you feel honored to recieve such a groovy invite.


Even listen to how the drums and bass are spooning. It's beautiful. A rhythmic and melodic inextricable embrace.

Fart Zerelli

Thank you for the insightful comment. As a guitar player, I always struggle to hear the rest :D

Pietro Pes

Nicely put.

buster bang

This was my moms favorite band and song and she has passed, i have been listening to this band with her for years and without her its so nostalgic. I miss her tons and wish to be able to see her smile and hear her sing. She was one of a kind in this world and this music really describes the feelings i have about this situation ive been dealing with. I love this band and everytime i hear them its like shivers down my spine

Kyle Douglas

Soz friend. Losing a parent early is always hard

nightchillin beats

lost my mother a decade ago. Her death still upsets me and I cry now and then at times I can't predict
. Some songs helped me more than others - Coldplay - Strawberry , Bon Iver -?? ________, Tupac - Dear Mama.


Sorry to hear that Buster :( I hope you're staying strong and things are going alright for you, I couldn't imagine that pain but keep your head up mate and keep sharing your experiences. I only know this song because of bill burr but it's nice to see people have a real personal connection to this song and band. Keep pushing man we're all here if you ever need an ear.

MaryAnne Weldon


that's so hard. huge condolences <3

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