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by The Silent Comedy

A man in a hat
Paused for the camera
And raised his hand for all to see
And with two fingers up
He then spread them apart
He said give us a sign victory
And I walked down the stairs
Meeting the eyes
Of a woman who is not for me
But she's calm and she's sweet
And she's struck and imposing
Her name is pronounced Victory
And her wings have been tied on with ribbons
And the torch that she carries is dark
But she sheds her disguise when she follows my eyes
And she uses my teeth for a spark
The question is are you
But some opportunist
A wolf caught befriending the sheep
And I answer that I am
Confused and aloof
And yet arrogant for victory
She says all the good words are the old ones
And the short are preferred to the long
She says you should be weak and be good as of now
You're just evil and trying to be strong
But I don't make new mistakes
She thinks that I'm not awake
I should leave now
It's too late
Well I'm not really sure what we're doing this for
Is there something to see underneath?
And I want to believe I am mine for the many
And title this one victory
Well I don't know if I'm where I'm needed
If you need me please raise up your voice
I hate being alive if it's just to survive
I'd rather sing than be left making noise
A man in a hat
Swallowed his history
And begged with his old colonies
He said give us the guns
The grenades and the mortars
We won't stop before victory
No we won't stop before victory
And I won't stop before victory

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