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The Silent Years Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Silent Years:

Aisleways Wanna know how it ends It helps to know how it…
No Secrets Got from digging their holes, just like the sky was…
Someday Hold my intentions with a clamp that you strap to…
Someone to Keep Us Warm Everybody needs a jumpstart, 'cos batterys can die It happen…
This Town I won't complain, even if this town caught fire And we…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Jerry Huff

Thanks so much for taking away the pain that I tried so hard
to evade.

Thanks so much for making me feel sane
and all these people seem a little bit less lame

Everyone needs to escape their pain.
Everyone needs to escape their pain.

Oh I'm just so god damn glad you came
and you remember my first name.

Everyone needs to escape their pain.
Everyone needs to escape their pain.

Ooh, Lidocaine.

You and I are kinda the same
We both get bored and everything seems like too much for our little brain
So we get on a little train
to try and find some kind of change
but everywhere we go is the same
Everything's, even planes, that take us far
we always try to hide
cause everything we know's a lie
and everyone we know has died
and these three times
i say it more
we always find the floor
and everyone looks at us with that grin.
woah, woah.

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Jerry Huff

@charlesdarby88 Well, I know they still make music as they have new songs on their myspace page stuff. I don't know if they still live concerts, though. Try looking up "The River" by them, it's very recent and a great song! :)


wtf ? probably they have a sucky manager or something

Jerry Huff

@wendianne333 Oh yeah, their initial album is such a gem! Would you like me to upload any other song from that album?

Justin Soileau

I love this song. One of my favourites ever.


This song makes me happy (:

Brandon Brown

thank u for making such a pretty song to help me with studying for pharm class

wendi makrianis

Love this song. Love their original lineup.

chivi hotaru

This sounds like a combination of placebo and Kings of convenience

Jack Raistrick

Anyone listen to "let go". That is the best EP I've ever heard from any band I've ever listen to.

Yuppy Puttz

This is truly a beautiful song.

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