Love Don't Love Nobody Part 1
The Spinners Lyrics

Sometimes a girl
Will come and go
You reach for love
But life wont let ya know
That in the end
You'll still be lovin' her
But then shes gone
You're all alone

Sign of pain
Is on my face, well
My heartbeat stops
But I wont take the blame, no no
I gave her all the love I had within
My love was strong
Somethin' went wrong, no! no!

It takes a fool to learn
Yes sir
That love don't love nobody
Love love love love love love
It takes a fool to learn
Yes it does, girl
That love don't love no one
That love don't love no one
It takes a fool to learn
Stop to think about it, well
That love don't love nobody
Oh! Oh no!
It takes a fool to learn
When you're down and out, shout about it
That love don't love no more
Tell the world, oooh babe
No more
Ohhhhhh, babe
It takes a fool to learn
Gotta be more careful about myself
That love don't love nobody
It takes a fool to learn
Woah baby, took me a long time to learn, to learn, well

That love don't love no one
It takes a fool to learn
I was a fool, you were a fool
That love don't love nobody
Now we got love, we need love
It takes a fool to learn

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Comments from YouTube:

Tom Pesce

No one has a voice like Philip. I mean no one cause he has so much soul it can't help but touch you and that's why I say he's the man


It does not get any better than Philippe's interpretation of lyric, melody, interpretation, emotion and musicality of the written word with the Spinners. What a unique and God given talent!!!! Such ultimate and unparalleled passion for this art form. He is forever my mentor for all things SOUL from the heart!!!!

Derrick Hannibal

I had this album!!! Excuse me while I cry to this song.......


This music was/is the part of my life and heart, within my entire family.  Especially my Dad,

Kitty Sears

Phil, Always did sing just like this. I went too junior high school with him. He would
sing just like this at his school locker. Truly miss my friend. He was also raise in a black orphanage. A wonderful guy. There will never be another, Phil


Phillipe was raised in an orphanage........WOW .........maybe that explains the intense feeling he puts in all his songs !!
What talent the man had...he has been gone for 33 years (1984) however his legacy will live forever !!!!
For the record you are correct..........there will NEVER be another Phillipe Wynn !!!!!!!

marsha sears

Hi Kitty Sears

Natalie Houston


Kitty Sears

+Algonquin Thank You, Algonquin. Phil would dance down the hall to his locker singing at the same time. He wore glasses all his life. Phil loved the singer, Sam Cook, and Otis Redding. We both went into the entertainment business, Phil as a lead singer with the "SPINNERS". Myself, Personal Assistant to Marvin Gaye. I still miss both of my friends.


+Kitty Sears:  Thanks for posting.  He looked like a big guy whose voice I would imagine coming from a smaller man.  I can also imagine him as a minister.  Such a warm message.

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