One Of A Kind
The Spinners Lyrics

One of a kind love affair is
The kind of love that you read about in a fairy tale
Like the sun that shines on a rainy day, it's a cloud of love
One of a kind love affair is
When your down is up when your up is down
But love stays around
And when you know you're right, but you got to make a little sacrifice
You make it for love
Whoa-oh, yeah
I never thought about today would come
When she would leave without good-bye, yes, sir
She wrote a line or two upon the wall
Said, "I'm leaving you, know I love you too I can't stay with you
Until this very day, I could never say a discouraging word
'Cause I love you"
Whoa-oh-oh, yes, siree, now

(One of a kind) love affair is (love affair is)
When you hate to say, "Girl, I told you so, but you gotta go"
There won't be a fight, 'cause your love is right
But you're leaving wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong
(One of a kind) ooh (love affair is) ooh, yeah
When you treat her nice but you finally have to pay the price
And though you know you're right
But you got to make a little sacrifice
You make it for love
You make it for love
Ah, hey, hey, hey, hey, oh

One of a kind love affair is
Makes you want to love her,
You just got to hug her, yeah
One of a kind, one of a kind, love affair is
Makes a lame man walk, makes a blind man talk about seein' again
(One of a kind) oh yeah (love affair is) my heart
It makes me want to be around ya
Ah, girl, I'm glad I found ya
(One of a kind) wooh-ee, (love affair is) I want to tell you now
Every day is sunshine, girl, you're on my mind
One of a kind, one of a kind love affair is
Makes me want to, want to be with you
(One of a kind) baby, baby, baby

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Joseph B. Jefferson

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Jaylen E. Turner


Joseph B.Jefferson

Lead Vocalists:
Philippe Wynne
(Whole song)
Bobby Smith

Background vocals:
Bobby Smith(Third Tenor)
Philippe Wynne(Second Tenor)
Henry Fambrough(First Tenor)
Billy Henderson(Baritone)
Pervis Jackson(Bass)

Additional background vocals:
Linda Creed(Soprano)
Barbara Ingram(Soprano)
Carla Benson(Alto)
Yvette Benton(Alto)


Arranger,Conductor,and Producer:
Thom Bell



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Love this. I was 13 when this dropped and had my first crush. Im 59 now.


I remember getting ready for school and hearing this on the radio. I was in kindergarten.😀😀😀

Angel Johnson

ISAAC WILLIAMS oh really in the 90s?

F Seebs

Summer of '73 on Musicradio WABC in New York - this was ranked among many amazing hit records!


Such a great album... I don't believe there's one bad song on this entire album...

Michael Hull

I've loved this song ever since the first time I heard it

kathy Johson

Wow...that's all I got!!! These brothers are baaaad!!!


This is such a great album !!


oh man this brings back beautiful memories of better times.. I was 8 years old when this came out, and I remember hearing this on the radio at the recreation center I used to go to after school in North Miami Beach Florida.. we'd all be dancin... good music like this brings people together

Lillian Thomas

Fantastic song,soul music at it`s very best! Spinners,just love them.

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