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An Officer and a Gentleman: Up Where We Belong
The Studio Sound Ensemble Lyrics

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Imagine Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below…
You Light Up My Life: You Light Up My Life So many nights I'd sit by my window, Waiting for someone To …

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The End

I call it playing (or singing) from your gitter.

I overly sensitive person who has played piano since I was 5. I play mostly classical Beethoven is mu favorite...but when I play I look like ray charles all over the place.
Never did heroin a day in my life and am INSULTED that people say he played that way because of drugs.

You play from your gitter if your a sensitive can feel what your playing or singing.

The greatest talent it's my believe all use their gitter...they sing from the heart the emotion of the song and the meaning to them.

You can be better can have all the technical skills you want...but if you dont preform and play from that will never be the greatest.
And the fact is you ain't trying to be great your just doing what you do.

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A man  who struggled with depression and drugs, but fought back through the hard times to become one of the Greats of music...

Callum Stores

Looks of his head on here probably was he was constantly of his head

B Humphries

@Lisa Batdorf I think that his movements are just natural for him as well. Kind of like when Elvis would perform,his leg would shake about. Elvis said that it was just something that naturally happened. It was just his body moving to the music. I wondered if this was the same for Joe. Joe was a uniquely special kind of artist. His voice was beautiful with all its raspiness, deepness and gravelyness. Lots of performers can reach those high notes......but can they sound like Joe? (Nope). He was one of a kind. His music played a big part in my youth. I hated that he was picked apart because of the way he moved his arms. Being unique shouldn't be reason to make fun of another person!

M. Hall

Jennifer Warnes?

Inem Phoenix Udoh

@Destiny Tumminello
God's been faithful with you and your husband

Lisa Batdorf

@Keith Allen Joe didn't have Cerabal Palsy.
Joe Cocker does not and has never suffered from cerebral palsy. He is in fact conducting the other musicians with his hand movements his style of movement has been satarised, Seems like the article ought to address whether or not he had cerebral palsy or another disorder.

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Joe felt music right in his cells or something. I know many people made fun of his body language. But those who did never had one ounce of his talent. Obviously music was a spiritual/metaphysical thing for him and he loved sharing that with our world. So fuck the people who made fun of him. He had music it in his soul. And he celebrated it with us all. The world was better a bit for his having been in it.

Ryan C

Talent ? His voice is awful

SoBlessed 2911

Exactly!!! You can feel the music in your SOUL!

John Lark

nicely said

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