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Naked in New York: Crazy
The Studio Sound Ensemble Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Studio Sound Ensemble:

Imagine Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below…
You Light Up My Life: You Light Up My Life So many nights I'd sit by my window, Waiting for someone To …

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Comments from YouTube:

Black Death 1347

I like how the Space Bear is there to make sure everything goes right.

Antti Huttunen

Better to believe..aces Back yeah.hes legend

Philip Defibaugh

I used to have an Ace Bear like that.


You know, it's pretty conventional wisdom that if someone has a guitar that lights up you do not want to have the lights at full blast. What was that lighting person doing? Apparently not his job.

Jon Dunmore

Well, all tours are top-down, meaning that if the lead performer displays such a lackluster drunken attitude, it's going to filter down to the crew as well.
The reason why KISS shows are run so smoothly is because there are two taskmasters who don't stand for second-best at the top of the KISS organization, keeping an eye on it all, and weeding out the chaff.


My theory is that they were pissed off with him because Ace declined getting high and wasted with them because he's treating this staying clean and sober thing seriously.


I was there, and it wasn't just the lighting crew.  Ace didn't bring this up, but the video crew was slacking off by mistakingly turning off one video screen and then another when the other was brought back up.  These guys must have been either wasted or been wanting to take a piss on the audience, because then they started showing a little bit of Looney Tunes before being quickly turned off.  Wtf?

Colin Campbell

ace is just soo cool

Antti Huttunen

Jes Spacey ace

What about Rob?

He looks like a muppet.

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