Parallel Line
The Sudden Passion Lyrics

If the world doesn't owe you anything then,
Maybe I do,
Maybe I do.
But you know what they say about ignorance,
I only want you to live a life of bliss that's true,
I just want you to be happy.
If knowledge if power and power corrupts,
Then the more that you know, the more we're all fucked,
If it looks a little greener on the other side well who's side are you on, oh just come back to mine.
There's one hundred reasons to run for the hills,
But they're so hard to climb, may as well just stay still,
That's what I'll do,
I'll be right where you left me.
And I couldn't cross you even if I tried,
I guess that's why they call you my parallel line,
Ain't that the truth,
I just want to see you smiling.

Your dreams will percieve the ghosts you gave up,
You threw in the towel before you dried off,
You took one leap of faith and broke both legs,
But the time it will mend you we just have to wait.

If the world doesn't owe me anything,
Neither do you,
Neither do you.
And acting natural is one difficult pose when my true colours are all overexposed,
Ain't that the truth,
At least you got me smiling.
And if I die before I wake then I was dead wrong when I said it's never too late,
It looked a little greener on the other side,
I should've jumped that fence,
Guess you were right.

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Love this song.

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