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The Suicide File Lyrics

Thank you for your bounty.
Show what's been destroyed
And the skin is unblemished
On every girl and boy.
The sun shines on you
300 days a year.
And life is good,
When you play off fear.

Ain't got no time
For what you're selling.
Ain't got no time
For how good you're smelling.

Tie a yellow ribbon
Round the anchors chair.
And you can't trust anyone
With out good hair.

High heels, lipstick, and no panty lines.
We'll read the news
Then it's miller time.

I'm sick of television.
I'm sick of television.
I'm sick of television.
I'm sick of you.

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Charlie Kade

as a class, we went to a record store and found this album, and bought it, highschool is great bro


Trenton Young The lead singer of TSF is a HS history teacher now, last I heard anyways, but that was also years ago.

Trenton Young

Who the hell’s your teacher? Pat Flynn?

Kill All Pedos

This song is a documentary

Anthony B


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