Déjà Vu
The Tear Garden Lyrics

It was a cold November evening and I should have worn a coat. I shivered... waiting for the ferry boat to carry me to you...Could see you dancing in the harbour lights; your hair an orange flame. You'd turn away, swing on a crane. Always quite the same...
The same! The same! It's always quite the same...Rewind! Re-live it all again and again.
You'd tiptoe halfway across a rooftop, drop head-first in the river. You'd stretch out for a helping hand and once again I'd stand there...not close enough to touch, but I heard you call my name as you died...And the ferry boat? It never did arrive...

Contributed by Mia K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Aharon Segal

One of the best releases ever, my life would not be the same without it, a collaboration of my most favourites artists, each from a different part of the globe (SP & LPD), thank you G-O-D for that

Tom T

Perhaps the best collab release made. Chilling. Edwards voice on cEVIN:s doodlings are just insane

David Pattee

One of my go-to-albums



Dr. Sina Wahn

This album changed my way of listening when it came out - and so far, it is still one of the most inspiring hearing experiences of my live (when it comes to human-made sounds).

Tom T

This piece is a vortex lifting your cap towards freedom


no eyes running, here.

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