Malice Through the Looking Glass
The Tear Garden Lyrics

I can't find my way back because my tracks move in spirals
to me
Now I'm up to my knees and it's freezing
I'm sinking
I'm thinking of you
and you wave as you fade away, float away

Blue as December
These fragments are glued to my sails
I'm impaled on a rock where we carved out our names
and I blew you a kiss
but I missed
and you left me like this

I fade away, float away...

Contributed by Samantha D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

aaron cosner

Its rad and dont underplay how insanley awesome it is that cevin said that... good work

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my favorite song for a while now

Heather Sandoval

Flawless song from a flawless album from a flawless band...

Volt 9000

Very awesome. Matches up really well with the Tear Garden track.


Awesome Track...nothing more to say!


the video was awesome... and the song... :D


you can put official video now. It matches so terribly well, seems meant to be. thanks for that. cevin


Fantastic song, fantastic band.


Good job.


ciekawe czy ktoś to obejrzy, posłucha i zrozumie