You and Me and Rainbows
The Tear Garden Lyrics

You're number eight. Your name is Jane, with black hair, braids, and black lines around your eyes... Shades to hide your habit. I don't know your age, though you guessed mine... My sign. Your sign! The opening line is always just the same. The same intention, destination. You and me and rainbows.
Loaded guns attract. We know the rules, we don't react. We wait in hope, we don't expect - You and me and rainbows.
Down here everything is fine. We have a straw, we have a line. We have a bag, a rock, a mountain with a string of shepherds driving lions. Aiming skewers at the sheep... face down, asleep in onion fields. The frying fields. The worms... they peep through holes which once were eyes. They thrive... they bake although we painted out the sky and the sun. There's only thunder, and you and me and raindows.
Let's hide out in the lay-by, let the time fly by. Tonight's disguise - a car crash with our wheels like shattered stars, our dashboard charred. Our windscreen... a graveyard for the flies (we're fast!) The hungry flies are circling, mourning as the watchers squat with cameras, cakes and flasks. They're spying, spitting as the blue light flashes, axes swing. We're broken wings, but still we'll fly and we'll reach our destination - you and me and rainbows.
And if we turn the lights down low and watch the sky cry through the window... Will I watch your fingers grow and stretch like butterflies? The shadows flexing, licking toes, and blinding as slowly sun sets on the same old hill. The same red glow. We're quite alone - just you and me and rainbows.
Everything I own is in the corner of your room. It's covered with a sheet just like it died - but I will take a broom. I'll sweep it new again, arrange it... Oh, I'll grow a dozen hands. No I never will neglect my world again. I'm safe beneath my blanket. Call it home... For you. For me... and rainbows
Loaded guns attract
We know the rules, we don't react
We wait in hope
We don't expect
Just you and me and rainbows
Looking down

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Comments from YouTube:

Lynn Bruington

It's hard to believe this is 30 years old. I was heavy into this in high school. Pretty deep music for a 15 year old kid...I'm over 40 now and this is just as awesome as it ever was.

Willie Russell

i agree, love songs by yukihiro takahashi, HiLt

Tom T

Bam! Im 50 now, and this track is still haunting me. Where did time went? Still running, but the ground is opening up

Adam Strickler

Lynn Bruington you saved my life tonight

David Coto

There's something in this song that really scares the shit out of me


Praise Thee for giving this Song in it's Entirety. 


True goth


I used to DJ at a Goth club in Colorado, and finally the last time I DJ'd this was the last song I ever played. Since the Tear Garden have never toured (WTF?) I always wanted to hear this song very loud. Mission accomplished.

Lygia Dennison

Schuyler242 Had a DJ in New Orleans play this in its entirety just so I could dance to it.

craig robb

"down here everything is fine, we have a smoke, we have a line"

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