The Teenagers & Frankie Lymon Lyrics

Well buzz buzz buzz goes the bumble bee
A twiddledeedledee goes a bird
But the sound of your little voice, darling,
Its the sweetest sound Ive ever heard.
Well, Ive seen the beauty of the red, red rose,
Seen the beauty when the skies are blue,
Seen the beauty of the evening sunset- but the beauty of you!
Sweet is the honey from the honeycomb,
Sweet are the grapes of a vine,
But theres nothing as sweet as you, darling,
And I hope some day youll be mine!


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Comments from YouTube:

happy chirpie

Probably the finest cover version ever.


Paul Anka is on recoerd to have said that this was his favourite version of HIS own song, a great accolade to Frankie Lymon!

Truth Hitman

Frankie's version is a banger !

Joseph Christopher

I must agree


@Sacred Teachings I heard that story too, it was before he broke with the Teenagers

Jennifer Green

I want take a ....... with him BUT he died 😭

Sacred Teachings

paul said he gave his song to frankie to sing but frankie denied the song and it was a hit lol

Ediana Ventrice

Such an amazing voice. It breaks my heart that he died so soon 😔🙏🏼❤️

Billy Rose

Thanks to the greed of the agent who talked him into leaving and broke up the group.....thinking Frankie alone was his cash cow.....neither Frankie nor the Teenagers had any success to speak of afterwards and he fell into depression and drugs were his outlet. I believe if he had stayed with the Teenagers they would have gone on to have even more success and maybe, just maybe may have changed the outcome of his story. A real sad ending for a great talent. His brother Louie was also very talented and sang with The Jimmy Castor Bunch.


mook LA ru it won’t his fault it was the people around him who let him do heroin young

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