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And I would say goodbye
The Twentythree Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Nelly Foxworth

Goodbye is probably the most difficult thing one has to go through. But, you don't hold someone back for your own selfish reasons. I just wish it didn't hurt this much...

Smyna Kunta

It's the most hardest thing ever

Cherry Iraji

Yeah I really want her to stay but I would be so selfies if I do that




it is hard when i lost my best friend i didnt what to say goodbye when i did i just cried


Nelly Foxworth yeah.....

Aakarsh Swamy

I just finished my final exams and going to start collage in 25 days. All my friends went to different cities, all of us split up, and I have no idea where everybody is, I gotta start over again, sure, I can meet some new people, but I dont think I will ever be able to forget my old friends. I miss them dearly. Might not be as sad as the things most people might be going through in their lives, but still, this really makes me sad to think about.


Aakarsh Swamy my heart bro 💔

FaZe Papi


Lee Stiĺ

my friends move to a different schools but thay stop up for the bullies who bullied me now there gone the bulling started again 😢pls come back

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