Feelin' All Emo
The Unlovables Lyrics

I'm a pop punk girl
I like sunny days
Stupid jokes and a good Ramones song
I'm a pop punk girl
Normally good for a laugh
But without you, there's something wrong
Yeah, I'm feelin' all empty and I'm feelin' all sad
How did I give up the one good thing that I had?
I'm feelin' all lonesome, but what can I do?
I'm feelin' all emo since I broke up with you
It's pathetic
Why do I spend all my time
Reading your old letters?
I tried to cheer myself up
With some MTX
But I didn't feel any better
My friends say I'm cranky and I'm bummin' them out
Instead of a smile, I got a permanent pout
I'm feelin' all gloomy, but what can I do?
I'm feelin' all emo since I broke up with you
I'm so lonely, so misunderstood
No one can relate â no wait, the Get Up Kids could
Jimmy Eat World understands my pain
I'll sit here listening to Clarity again and again
Even Dashboard Confessional's pleasing to me
When I wanna sit and wallow in my own misery
All this emo sounds so great
It's the perfect soundtrack to my heartbreak
I'm not feelin' cheery, and I'm not feelin' fine
When I try to speak, it just comes out as a whine
I'm not feelin' spunky, but what else is new?
All I'm feelin' is emo since I broke up with you

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Happy Cat

One of my favorite songs ever!


do you have the rest of this album? I've been trying to find it for a while

Satania Mcdowell

2019 oooh yeaaaah

Adrián Ramírez Trujillo


Armando Varela


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