Lonely Lonely Girl Am I
The Velvelettes Lyrics

As I sit here in my lonely room
Nothing's been the same since he said to me we were all through
Listen to me, now
My telephone never rings anymore
And no one ever knocks on my door
(Woah-oh-oh-oh-yeah) A lonely, lonely girl am I

Sometimes I sit and I stare at his picture all-day long
Wondering how could a fella that I treated so good been so wrong
No sense in me denying
Ever since he's been gone I've been crying
(Woah-oh-oh-oh-yeah) A lonely, lonely girl am I

Sly but tender he decieved me
Surrender your love to me
'Cause when my back was turned you whispered sweet words in another's ear
Not so long ago I felt complete
Now only disappointment follows me
(Woah-oh-oh-oh-yeah) A lonely, lonely girl am I

Listen to me, now
Having no baby to sleep at night
Don't make sister try to eat her pride
Everywhere I look I realise this
I'm just a lonely girl with a tear-stained face
(Woah-oh-oh-doo-dee-ooh) Lonely, lonely girl am I

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Comments from YouTube:

Tech Soul

such a great dancer, wonderful strings and pounding beat

Daniele innocenteventi

Three soul music moguls wrote this, three classy ladies performed it. Pure magic.

Steve G

Great record, tireless classic.

Steve G

@Andy Childs No mate Burnley, live in London many years now.

Andy Childs

Steve G you from Burton

steven stewardson

Cracking tune not heard in a very long time thanks senator brico keep them coming BOSS MAN 🎼🎹🎼🎹🎼🎹

Peter Latham

She's a lonely girl, but what a way to tell us, the voice, the beat, everything just works.

GD superstar !

you want to dance , this is it !!

GD superstar !

heard this when i was kid , and was at a stoke alnighter and it got played , the room came alive , wot a tune , its not cheap but had to have it . one of my prides in my box ........... KTF✊

Scott Briggs

I never heard this song until my friend lent me his MOD box set that came out in the early 2000s or so, and this is on it. Now of course I know who the Velvelettes were. The single must be quite rare.

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