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The Verve Lyrics

Hey my friend are we gonna make it till Monday?
Another Friday night waiting for a revelation
I can see a million faces in the condensation

Hey my friend are we gonna make it till Monday?
Hey my friend you better leave now
I'm gonna go my own way
You said I suffer from inner frustration

In a moment you changed
Now things weren't the same
You were talking at me not with me
And your tongue was burning up in flames
Are you coming back?
Are you coming back?
When Monday comes you'll be alone
With the whole world staring at you
Better leave now

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Comments from YouTube:

Dr. Creepen

This was my one and only Glastonbury. Fortunately, the weather was glorious, as
when I got there I discovered that mice had eaten a bunch of holes in my
tent and we would've gotten drenched if it had rained. I remember
getting on that Ferris Wheel after I'd taken acid for the first time.
Glad I was retrained from jumping off it at a fairly ridiculous height
while under the impression I could fly. I got my picture in the NME for
being situated close to someone dancing in a very cool way. All in all,
58 quid well spent. Also saw these guys supporting the Black Crowes at Brixton Academy in November, 1992; it was obvious they had something about them, even then.


Glastonbury 94 is my ideal musical line-up of all time, congrats on getting to enjoy and remember it : )

what other bands do you remember from then?

Ashton Quincy

you prolly dont give a shit but if you are bored like me during the covid times then you can watch all the new series on instaflixxer. Been binge watching with my gf for the last few days =)


No words for this.. reminds me of weekend sessions with my mates when we were younger. Just pours back the memories... Incredible feeling

James Kelly

Fuccking beautifully tremmmmendous

betti gurl

ohhh my    I cant believe how good this makes me feel.  it was a shroomin time. oh man I can still feel it awesome thank you guys


This album changed my whole approach to guitar after playing for 15 years. Saw them live at the Troc in Philly back in '93. McCabe is a MASTER of effects.

Topal Glangus

I miss the Troc.

Graveyard Poet

verve92 Storm in Heaven is my favorite album of all time.


Not sure if I've ever heard such a funky version of this song before. Amazing!!

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