Hey Hey Girl
The Virgins Lyrics

Living on a farm road
Takin' all your time slow
Cheerin' from the bleachers
Don't you wish your life was gold?
I bet you do

Passing out your lighter
Sneakin' through the doorway
Fakin' like you just stayed home
That's how it really goes
You know it does

I don't think that we're bad
I don't think we're bad at all
It just takes some time alone

Hey Hey Girl
We're the wild type
But we've been around the block one too many times tonight

Fucked up at the disco
Slipping in the K-Hole
Sleeping in the parks, no fun

They we need an education, lack imagination
Holding out for something dumb

Kickin' for the third time
And now we're done

Bread and butter
Cryin' on the subway
Waitin' on a cold day
Don't react, here he comes

I don't think we're bad
I don't think we're bad at all
It just takes some time alone

Hey Hey girl, we're the wild type
But we've been around the block once too many times tonight

I know that it's easy
That it's easier said than done
I know that It's easy
That it's easier said than done

Hey hey girl, we're the wild type...(x2)


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Comments from YouTube:

the girl in question

really underrated band

Drew Taylor

Could not agree with you more!! I'm from Scotland and I think if they where from uk and started in the uk they would have been much bigger!


It's the best when you discover a new band and it's just love at first listen.


Everytime I listen to this song I think about the trailer to Miss March!


This is actually a really good song! I looked it up because I heard it in the Miss March trailer (yay for Trevor and Zach), I thought that probably only the chorus would be good, especially with a band name like "The Virgins" but I really like it! Thanks for uploading!


Man, I can't believe I found this song again... Listened to it as a young teenager (about 10 years ago) and the only thing I could remember was this album cover and that it was a indie rock band. So I googled "indie rock band album cover" and looked through the results in google images. After 20 min of search I saw this album cover and immediately knew, that was it! Then just searched up some of The Virgins songs on YT and now, here I am, again... after all these years. Brings back a strong vibe of the past... sad how fast time flies...

Sen Lkr

And I discovered them just a few hours ago.. Went to check out their Wikipedia page and found out that they've already disbanded..this sucks man😭

New Order

Huge band! Surprising how they are not successful considering they are really similar to The Strokes and The Strokes are very popular...

Michael Slenderman

they're not as heavy compared to The Strokes, they're more of a chill bass-line kinda band. but i totally agree they're fuckin' underrated and unappreciated as fuck!! kids be listening to kanye and drake, frying their fuckin briancells. fuck i wish this would be the definition of music for the generations to come. but oh oh no it's not. :(


the virgins es un grupazo

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