When I Die
The Waifs Lyrics

When I die won't you bury me
In the town where I was born
Most of my life I've been rambling free
When I die I want to come back home

Ever since I was a baby child
I knew I was born to roam
I had to climb to the top of the hill
Just to see what lies beyond
Now seasons change and I am still the same
I don't belong to anyone
Still a piece of me will always be
Sitting in my hometown sun

In my time I have seen ten thousand setting suns
And I made my bed where I lay my head
And it never hurt anyone
It could be said that a girl like me
Ain't nothing but a prodigal son
And just like that prodigal boy
I'm gonna finish off where I've begun

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Tim D

Been listening to this for so many years without posting my thanks for uploading. When my aunt passed, this was one of the last albums she was listening to (found The Waifs CD in her CD player) and have always envisioned that this song was the one she connected to most (I certainly do and we shared very similar taste in music.) We played this at her funeral and was so fitting for her life, as well as many from our family. So thank you so much for allowing me to be able to remember my Aunt through this song and if The Waifs ever see this I owe them so much for producing a song and album that reached my heart as well as my Aunt and will ever be thankful. Not too many care when she was at her worst and I believe this helped her beyond what I could know. Thank you.

Donna D'Alessandro

My family has a plot for all of us. I don't want to be there. I want to be a tree with all my dogs but I do love this song. Where I was actually born is a very ugly place now.

Jessica Palmer

My sister indroduced me to this group and if I am ever feeling down their songs cheer me up - plus when I was in Oz I came home with an ozzie accent so I love singing along with the amazing Vicki - love u guys - get some more tunes goin"!


Thank you for posting this. This is by far my favorite song by the Waifs.

Eric Matteson

Saw them at the Telluride Bluegrass festival years back. . still one of my favorite tunes of the entire weekend!

Donna D'Alessandro

Newport 2001 was my intro. Love them.

Bob White

Eric, I was there too at TBF. How can a song of death be so uplifting? But it is! It's about living, love it!!!

Sky Ote

first found them when i was a wee little pup many many moons ago

song's stuck with me ever since =)

Johnson Trent

+Eric Matteson Just discovered it and i cant get it outta of my head

Serihang Limbu

love it.....The Waifs is it!!

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