Under the Pressure
The War on Drugs Lyrics

With a comb down here, it's easy
But do you rather have a good day?
But a dream like this gets wasted
That you'll, bend under pressure

Still you'll, bend over pressure

I really love it, oh, you love it
Not gonna loose you, when it all breaks down
And the runaways standing in the wind and pray
And they stare straight into nothing,

But we're all kinda the same. You all raise
On a promise, found out over time
Bet it will come around, get a new way
Or watches how it all breaks down here

Under the pressure

Never break out there
The storm and the wind will go
However you count down there
Stay, keep holding on!

In a cold wind, all arrested
Now, you know how it feels
This is really, warden in my back
Goose all in my gut

Standing in the water, just trying not to crack
Under pressure

Written by: Adam Granofsky

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Joab Melodic

[Verse 1]
Well, the comedown here was easy
Like the arrival of a new day
But a dream like this gets wasted
Without you

Under the pressure
Is where we are
Under the pressure
Yeah, it's where we are, babe

Oh, you're the only one
Like an illusion

[Verse 2]
When it all breaks down and we're runaways
Standin' in the wake of our pain
And we stare straight into nothin'
But we call it all the same
You were raised on a promise
Found that over time
Better come around to the new way
Or watch as it all breaks down here
Under the pressure

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 3]
Well, the break down here
Stole it all the way across
I wanna climb downhill
Stranded on
When you come here and I'm wasted
Lyin' on a field, dancin' in the rain
Hidin' in the back, loosenin' my grip
Wadin' in the water, just tryin' not to crack

Under the pressure
Yeah, it's where we are, babe
Under the pressure

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Bafflin Book

I was speeding home on an empty highway late at night when I 1st heard this song on the radio. It was magical.

Bafflin Book

@JoyfulMinimalist Yes. It fit the mood too well.

I still have the vivid visual of that night drive under the blanket of the pitch-black sky, cruising along the empty but well lit highway with psychedelic outro playing.


Soo good! Love that visual

Seb Rider

@Dan Maddock yes we do, beautiful ones! Go north, far north ;)

Kenny Connor

Thank god you found them man.

Mike Porchia

@Daniel Harrison oh don't feel sorry for me , Argentina. I love this tune. Damn Brits

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Eduardo Tavares

These guys are saving my life ultimately, since I´m goin´ through severe depression! Thank you for the inspiring music.

mike mike

Me to bro keep going

Loraine Tomocik

Yep! Saving my life too!

DB Cooper

Keep fighting brother, there will be better days ahead

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