Time Of My Life
The Watson Twins Lyrics

Bells i heard so
Long ago seem
Crystal hymns and songs I've never known
Where ivy grows and stone gives way
A locket lost and a love that faded away
The broken hearts are soon to mend and
Every scar of streets and where I've been

The time of my life (x4)
Let it all begin again (x2)

Like the sweetest nectar
The softest breeze
My heart it melts with all the beauty it sees

And highway diamonds lead to empty skies
Our fears dissolve in every silent car ride

Where wonder holds are turned so tight
Hearts ablaze our only ray of light

The time of my life (x4)
Let it all begin again

The time of my life (x9)

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Comments from YouTube:

Hey Adinda

For the first time i listening this song from grey’s anatomy season 3 which is staring at the sun. I love this song so much ❤️ the part when the song appeared when george’s dad got cancer, im crying :( thank you for the good song ❤️ sorry for my bad english

Niel Patrick Ordiales

this song have a same intro/1st verse during 90s, cant remember the song. goes like "bells are ringing"

Kailane Lima

Greys Anatomy aaa

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